The Garden of Adin: New Species of Dragonfly Discovered!

The Garden of Adin

New Species of Dragonfly Discovered!

Click the picture to get to see this Victorian yellow gold dragonfly brooch with rubies, pearls and opal.
Click the picture to read about these late Victorian dragonfly brooch.
Adin, Antwerp Belgium - The newfound species is about 1.3 inches (3.4 cm) long. It lives close to mountain streams in a remote region in The Garden of Adin. So far, only gold specimens are known; with an opal body, pearl spots and ruby eyes.

The species is named Stultitia Elkanti, in honor of Prof. Elkan Wijnberg, Chief biologist at the Garden of Adin. “Having a newly discovered animal or plant species named after oneself is one of the most beautiful awards for a biologist,” Prof. Wijnberg commented. “I’m extraordinarily honored, for sure, but there are a lot of other dragonfly researchers who would have deserved this award before me.”

Research describing the new species is published online in the Adin Weekly Herald.

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