Adin Fine Antique Jewelry Information: A ring 400 years old and still burning from love!

Adin Fine Antique Jewelry Information

True love lasts forever!

(400 years old and still very wearable)

Click the picture to get to see this Extraordinary Claddagh or Fede engagement ring from the 17th Century.
Click the picture to see more from this antique Claddagh or Fede ring.

Love Symbolism
A touch of history ...

Dating back from around 1630, this 18K yellow gold ring -called a Claddagh ring or Fede ring- is truly a present from history and tales. Two hands offer friendship by reaching out a heart which is bulging -or better bursting- from love through the gleam of a foil-set rose cut diamond. To seal this bond with loyalty, a crown with three rose cut diamonds in a foilsetting guides the heart vertically around your finger. Looking at the untouched black enamel on the sleeves behind the gold hands, this precious jewel proves to stand the test of time. As should the union between the two loved ones who share this treasure.

To find a more genuine relic is nearly impossible as it seems that the GIA museum, Carlsbad, USA, has got one other example of a Claddagh ring in this specific design from the 17th century. Having this jewellery piece in your possession, it is definitely more of an honour than a hazard to preserve and even wear this rare fragment of history.

An almost identical item from a private collection can be found in the book titled “Rings: Jewelry of power, love and loyalty” by Diana Scarisbrick, Thames & Hudson Ltd London 2007, and in the book titled “Rings: Symbols of wealth, power and affection” also by Diana Scarisbrick, Thames and Hudson Ltd London 1993.

The astonishing resemblance between the catalogued rings and this exceptional ring confirms once more the remarkable age of this ring and the miracle of its well-guarded travel through time.
For more information, please click the picture and find the full explanation at the descriptive page of this fine jewel.

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