Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Information: Dummy Jewellery

Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Information

Dummy Jewellery

Click the picture to get to see this Unique ring pair of a Platinum Estate original with emeralds and its dummy model.
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Dummy jewellery
A touch of history ...

At first, we thought we were seeing double but immediately we realised how exceptional this pair of rings really is. Not only have we got a most valuable platinum Estate ring with high class Colombian emeralds and diamonds, but also its dummy.

Up to the Fifties of the last century it was not uncommon for the happy few to have their most precious jewellery pieces reproduced in less expensive materials. These reproductions were called "dummies" and were specifically made to wear during flamboyant cruises and extensive journeys. Nowadays, such pairs are hardly being found as a couple anymore which makes of this valuable ring together with its pseudo-twin truly a unique collection.

Although the terms "dummy" and "copy" are no flattering words for any meticulously crafted jewel, make no mistake: it's only the original ring's counterpart that embodies the most precious adventures of its owner.

For more information, please click the picture and find the full explanation at the descriptive page of these fine jewels.

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