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'Style Guirlande' Jewelry

Click the picture to get to see this Gorgeous Belle Epoque diamond guirlande pendant.
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Style Guirlande
A touch of history ...

The Belle Époque Style is also called 'Style Guirlande' (French) or in plain English: 'Garland Style'. In this era, delicacy was the desired fashion through the use of white metals and white stones shaped in a garland design. Motifs of ribbons and bows, leafs and flowers predominated in symmetrical curvy openwork shapes according to the example of renaissance garland paintings and of the frothiness of the 18th-century rococo patterns.

As a truly extraordinary example from its era, this antique platinum pendant glistens through the 76 diamonds encrusted in the joyfully arranged leafs. From the upper triple diamond top, two leaflets sprout downwards through both nooses of the central bow from which two ribbons drape over the two twigs. The bow’s heart suspends a dangling old European cut diamond, which chaperones your gaze to two arching garland branches. At the point where they meet, another old European cut diamond sways from a pair of leaflets.

This charming scenery swoops anyone to moments of merry and bliss. For more information, please click the picture and find the full explanation at the descriptive page of this fine jewel.

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