Adin Fine Antique Jewelry Information: 'Belle Époque' Jewelry

Adin Fine Antique Jewelry Information

'Belle Époque' Jewelry

Click the picture to get to see this Precious French Belle Epoque diamond brooche with magnificent enameled scenery.
Click the picture to see more from this Belle Époque brooch.

Belle Époque
A touch of history ...

As was aspired in the true existence of the Belle Époque period, this enchanting brooch from 1900 embodies the glorification of romanticism perfectly. The gleam of the parallel engravings -called guilloche- in the 18K warm yellow and possibly red gold background lures you straight from the platinum frame of 104 rose cut diamonds into its nostalgic enameled landscape. Over the sun-kissed meandering stream, you can drift off to a long forlorn ruin while passing spring blooming trees in green meadows.

With its ribbon and double twig wrapping, this marvelous jewel presents more than only the framework in which your past memories reflect next to your future dreams. The depth that is being created and how the scenery comes to life by the sun's reflection on the water show the craftsmanship of a master goldsmith ánd painter. In our trade, we treasure such an extraordinary craft, where the gold shines through the transparent and translucent enamel.

For more information, and see the actual shining of the scenery that we are so amazed by, please click the picture and find the full explanation and movie at the descriptive page of this fine jewel.

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