Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Information: Multifunctional Opal

Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Information

Multifunctional Opal

Click the picture to get to see this Art Deco diamond and opal ring.
Click the picture to see more from this Art Deco opal and diamond ring.

A touch of history ...

The mysterious opal can evoke as many convictions and superstitions, as it can twinkle colours.

In the Arabic world, it was said that opals fall from the heavens during lightning storms. The Romans thought that this one gemstone beheld the power of all gemstones, because it displays all of their different colours at once. Still, it took only one novel from the 1800s by Sir Walter Scott to make people think of this stone as bad luck.

Although we wouldn’t dare to tell you what to believe, we do recommend this jewel to all fair ladies. It is namely accepted since medieval times that an opal has got the power to preserve the colour of blond hair. And let me punctuate that we are too respectful and respectable to make jokes about blondes.

For more information, please click the picture and find the full explanation at the descriptive page of this fine jewel.

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