Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Information: Precious Cross from the 17th Century

Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Information

Precious Cross from the 17th Century

Click the picture to get to see this 17th Century gold and diamond cross.
Click the picture to see more from this 17th Century diamond cross.
As if a guardian angel has bestowed upon this yellow gold cross with a value of 18K and possibly higher, this inestimable Iberian (Spain or Portugal) pendant and brooch with 23 old table rose cut diamonds withstands since the 17th century.

Except for the grand pear shaped suspension, the primary shape of a diamond ascending from an eight lobed dome embellished with mille grains repeats around the fully diamond-encrusted centre. The airy presence of this jewel is a merit of the curling wirework from which leaflets sprout in between the intersections.

For more information, please click the picture and find the full explanation at the descriptive page of this fine jewel.

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