Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Presents: Recipes d'Amour

Adin Fine Antique Jewellery Presents

Recipes d'Amour:
Ye Olde Green Em'rald Pea Pottage Parure

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Original Adin Recipe from the Middle Ages!

To those familiar with the Adin Weekly Herald it does not come as a surprise that we are also very much interested in cooking. It's not even a bold statement when we say that there is such a thing as "La Cuisine d'Adin". So it happened that when browsing through some antique cooking books from the Middle Ages we ran into some original Adin old school recipes. We thought it would be only fair to share this with you.


Ye Olde Green Em'rald Pea Pottage Parure

Ye preparation timeth:
the timeth of milking three fully load'd goats

    Ye p'rtions:
  • -2 pints cleane water of meremen teardroplets
  • -12 oz geardtun pesoun of nightly picketh
  • -6 oz oynouns cuttlereyth by maedenchild
  • -1 handbred oile of whaelens lards rysel
  • -1/2 handbred saffroun pouder, couereth in 8 handbred water
  • -2 handbred light brown sugur from over the dunes
  • -1/2 handbred salt from the diepest seas
  • -1 em'rald parure of Adin antique jewell'rey (f'r example the parure as pictur'd)

Ye processeth:
Perrey of pesoun. Take pesoun and seeth hem fast, and couere hem, til thei berst; thenne take hem vp and cole hem thrugh a cloth. Take oynouns and mynce hem, and seeth in the same sewe, and oile therwith; cast therto sugur, salt, and safroun. Seeth hem wel therafter, and serue hem forth with an emerald parure.

Remember yond, in oure snuggerey Middle Ages, the thicker a purée wast, the better thei quality wast bethought to beest. Ergo don't beest too saving on the amount of gimms and jewels thee addeth.

Nothing better to warmeth thee on winterdagas: enjoyeth!

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Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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