Oops! Seems like Cupid made a mistake!


Seems like Cupid made a mistake!

Click the picture to get to see this Antique sword brooch from solid pieces of diamond cut into hilt and blade shape.
Click the picture to see more from this antique brooch crafted from solid diamonds.

As these days are very busy for Cupid, we've heard from a reliable source that he ran out of arrows. Of course he can't disappoint anyone waiting for their one true love, so he's forced to switch to using his diamond sword!

This sword brooch is truly made out of no less material than two solid pieces of diamond for the blade and another solid piece of diamond for the hilt. The shimmer of the lozenge shaped facets on the diamond surface is almost too bright for the human eye to perceive. So when Cupid makes his hit through your lover's heart, it will be swift and almost as if nothing happened. But soon enough, the passion between you and your sweetheart will spark as radiant as the nine old European cut diamonds and the nine rose cut diamonds set in the silver pommel, the cross-guard, scabbard-belt and carrying-band. Tipped with a silver chape on a red gold back, Cupid's love sword will strike harder than any arrow. Are you ready to face the consequence of Cupid's new toy?

Apart from the alluring connotation we've given this jewel in these times filled with romance, it is a unique brooch almost fully manufactured out of diamond. Furthermore, these diamond parts are cut in a way we've never seen before. Another special diamond is encrusted in the center of the sword's cross-guard. Its yellow-greenish colour is extraordinary and very uncommon. Be aware of this dangerous brooch, because it might touch your heart as well.

Antiqualy yours,

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