Jean Després, Master of French Art Deco and Modernistic Jewelry

Jean Després

Master of French Art Deco and Modernistic Jewelry

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Jean Després

Jean Després (1889 - 1980) was an Art Deco jewelry designer whose name has come to stand for the most dynamic of 20th-century styles. This definitive celebration of his work will delight new admirers and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

Capturing the streamlined, modern aesthetic of the age of the machine and transforming it into objects of great beauty, Després has always been the jeweler of choice for informed collectors and insiders: Josephine Baker was an early admirer, and Andy Warhol’s collection was sold at Sotheby’s, New York in 1988.

As a young man, Després came to know avant-garde artists in Paris, including Léger, De Chirico and Braque. After the outbreak of war in 1914 he worked on the industrial design of aeroplanes, and he transferred this experience and inspiration into the jewelry business.

Després used geometric motifs in his designs, and in the 1930s embarked on a notable collaboration with the glass painter Étienne Cournault. Després went on to create a range of tableware and decorative objects in gold, silver and pewter, whose bold, industrial looks were uncompromisingly modern, yet always graceful and refined.

From: Jean Després Jeweler, Maker and Designer of the Machine Age by Melissa Gabardi ISBN 9780500514788

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