The Doves of Pliny

The Doves of Pliny

After the classical mosaic by Sosus of Pergamon dating back from the 2nd century BC

Click the picture to get to see this magnificent antique cameo bracelet with presentation of so-called Doves of Pliny.
Click the picture to learn more about this magnificent cameo bracelet.

As three downey doves are sunbathing from the rim of a basin while one is gracefully drinking in this picturesque cameo, this 14K yellow gold bracelet from around 1850 splatters history all over our Garden of Adin.

This exact composition of four plumose pigeons is called "Doves of Pliny" or "Capitoline Doves", which refers to Pliny the Elder as he describes the original picture in a classical mosaic by Sosus of Pergamon dating back from the 2nd century BC. A revival of these archealogical wonders can be seen in the 1st half of the 19th century as it was very popular to reuse this motif in various artefacts. And yet, we have never seen a piece of such superb quality as the one we've got here. To emphasise its excellence, we invite you to closely lean over to the water in the vase and to notice the subtle reflection of the drinking dove. Apart from this meticulous elaboration, it is exactly this particular fragment by which Pliny was as equally mesmerised as we still are today. Only rarely, an artist manages to bring out this section of this iconic image.

Furthermore, this cameo has been engraved in the hardest part of the shell, which provides an even more realistic appearance as there are three different colour layers. Let alone the level of craftmanship needed to sculpt every detail a material as hard as stone, which we believe to take its origin from an Italian hand.

Of course, this piece of artistry can only be brought to its full spectacle in a harmonious mounting, which most probably must have come from an English goldsmith.

Intrigued? Find more about this bracelet by clicking on the picture.

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