Adin Antique Jewelry presents: Antique jewelry of the future!

Adin Antique Jewelry presents:

Antique jewelry of the future!

Click the picture to get to see this Estate engagement ring with top emerald and diamonds.
Click the picture to learn more about this estate ring with top emerald.

What makes a good piece of antique jewelry, a good piece of antique jewelry?

The answer to this question is simple as can be. A good piece of antique jewelry should be a good style representative for the period it was made in, and it should have been made in that era too. A piece of jewelry made well but pretending to be older than the time it was actually made in, is just a reproduction.

What we show here is what we think is a good piece of future antique jewelry. Recognizable made somewhere around 1980 and made in the best jewelers traditions. Not only that, the center stone, a Colombian emerald of approx. 1.80 crt, is of a quality we never had in our collection. The cheering gem is beaming its intense green light in a way making anybody looking at it, immediately falling in love with it. We count ourselves lucky to have been able to get this beauty into our collection.

Intrigued? Find out more about this ring by clicking at the picture.

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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