A Touch of Jewellery History: 17th Century Peruzzi Cut Diamond, one of the first models brilliant cut diamond

A Touch of Jewellery History:

17th Century Peruzzi Cut Diamond

one of the first models
brilliant cut diamond

Click the picture to get to see this Peruzzi cut diamond - one of the first models of brilliant cut mid 17th Century.
Click the picture for more info on this 17th Century Brilliant Cut Diamond.

There are no words to describe the miracle that has risen over centuries and centuries from this extraordinary diamond, in a cut which is called a Peruzzi cut diamond.

Even back in its period of polishing, somewhere between 1650 and 1680, this diamond was already one of the rarest gems in this world. This, because of its brilliant cut shape while the majority of diamonds in that time were being cut as rose cuts. As the top of a Peruzzi consists of 33 facets and truly comes alife with fire and luster, this cut is considered to be the ancestor of the modern brilliant cut diamond.

Even more remarkable regarding its substantial weight of 1.83ct, its valuable G colour and its si1 clarity, is that this Peruzzi diamond hasn't been altered through almost four centuries. Antique diamonds of this caliber normally don't make it in their original cut into the 21st century. This because, through the ages modern jewellers, whenever they laid their hands on big stones like this, have been repolishing them into contemporary brilliant cut diamonds.

Funny note aside: All these so-called contemporary brilliant cuts of the past centuries are considered to be old cuts themselves these days.

With our lifelong experience in unique jewellery and gemstones, we must almost believe that this exclusive Peruzzi diamond is of divine descent as it is obviously protected by a guardian angel.


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