More trouvailles in The Garden of Adin: Victorian gold necklace

More trouvailles in The Garden of Adin:

Victorian gold necklace

Click the picture to get to see this high quality Victorian antique yellow gold watch chain can be worn as necklace.
Click the picture to get to this Victorian gold chain/necklace.
As this Victorian 18K yellow gold necklace from around 1850 folds around your neck perfectly, its flowered links form an enchanting garden pavement on your skin.

Never before have we seen such an exceptional chain, so allow us to make you wonder as we do. Each main link is framed by a rounded rectangular sequence of small links topped by an openwork flower pattern. However obvious it is in our trade, let's not take for granted that every single piece of this treasure is handmade.

While this stunning necklace emits an allure of extravagance, it suits every woman by its ideal length and light weight lacelike assemblage.


Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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