Beauties in The Garden of Adin: Back into the future!

Beauties in The Garden of Adin:

Back into the future!

Click the picture to get to see this Large Vintage high quality carving cameo in gold mounting embelished with pearls.
Click the picture to get to this fine vintage cameo.
This Vintage cameo in a yellow gold mounting with a halo of 24 alternating pearls and granules is very distinguished from its kind. The contours and features of the portrayed upper class lady inspired by the 18th century is meticulously carved out of a shell according to the highest quality standards. It's in the visage where lies the secret of a cameo's value.

Keeping in mind that nowadays only a few artisans know how to keep the craft of engraving shell and hardstone alive, it's truly remarkable to find a cameo from the Fifties finished with such a level of skill. Even though details such as the extensively curled coiffure and the abundance of ruffles are usually meant to distract the jewel's admirer from a mediocre carving, here it confirms even more the overall superb condition of the cameo. One can easily take in the femininity and three-dimensionality with which this woman is covered.

Doesn't it seem as if this damsel is almost a tangible representation of ourselves in another time, ladies?

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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