The Garden of Adin Antique Jewellery Presents: One style, different forgings.

The Garden of Adin Antique Jewellery Presents:

One style, different forgings.

Click the picture to get to see this Late Victorian French gold hair comb set with diamonds and made from horn.
Click the picture to get to this gold antique hair comb.

What makes a piece of jewellery a "good" piece?

As a jewellery dealer, you're always looking for clues about whether the jewel in front of you is a good representative for a significant style during a certain era, or whether it is only meant to look like it was made in a certain era while in fact it is not. Here at Adin, we're specialized in reading visual languages from the past. Like every book, an era is also composed out of several chapters, or better artistic styles. And each style derives from the previous one, reacting on past elements and implementing new ones to complete the story of its era. Every good jewel portrays a character playing an important role in a certain chapter in time. To our joy, we're the ones making sure their history will never be forgotten.

The metaphor of tales and styles can be told about all "good" objects and artifacts, as all "good" pieces from a certain style bear the same characteristics. And for that, this picture is the perfect example. The goldsmith of this mesmerising French Victorian hair comb in 18K gold and horn spoke the same visual language of frills and openwork as the metal smith of the ornamental balustrade on the background of the photo.

We can't wait to read which character this exquisite jewel will play in your memoirs.


Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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