Heaven on earth: Cupido settling down in The Garden of Adin

Heaven on earth:

Cupido settling down in The Garden of Adin

Click the picture to get to see this most charming Large Antique French love and luck gold ring with cute little Amor.
Click the picture to get to this Antique French gold ring.
This adorable French yellow gold ring from around 1840 is a true testimony of how jewellery and declarations of love go hand in hand.

Cupido, the Roman god of love, is enshrined as a putti in an infinite halo of filigree lemniscates. On both sides of this marquise shaped top, four hearts build a universe where one plus one is one as they assemble into a four leaf clover. Between the shank's edges, filigree frills flutter as butterflies in a stomach. Clearly, this symbolic ring seales the marriage of love, luck and eternity.

Another important detail is that this piece was made to shout out loud this message of affection as the large ringsize implies it was used to wear on gloves for everyone to see. Nowadays, love doesn't always seem to be this simple, so our advise is: if they don't make them like they used to, you just buy antiques.

Antiqualy yours,

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