The Garden of Adin presents: Another Classical Beauty

The Garden of Adin presents:

Another Classical Beauty

Click the picture to get to see this Aesthetic Victorian gold brooch pendant with angels head and diamond.
Click the picture to get to this Victorian gold brooch pendant.

Let this 18K yellow gold French Victorian brooch flood your senses with its harmonious neo-Rococo openwork interplay of rocailles and flowers. As two blossoming branches sprout from the top shell, a wave of curly C-shapes and swirly S-shapes ripples into a refined background flower frame arrangement.

In the meantime on the bottom of the brooch, an angel's head serves as the pillar for the tips of two C-elements across the draping leafs as they lift an old European diamond up to the piece its center. And lastly, the estuary of this abundant cascade of elegance narrows from the angel's collar into a dangling drop shaped saltwater pearl.

How can one not adore this eclecticism of the late Victorian period as it unites the land with the sea and the heavens - flowers with shells and angels - Belle Époque with neo-Rococo and neo-Classicism.

Antiqualy yours,

The Adin team
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