The Garden of Adin presents: Another Classical Beauty

The Garden of Adin presents:

Another Classical Beauty

Click the picture to get to see this Renaissance brotherhood ring with two coat of arms behind transparant window.
Click the picture to get to this Renaissance gold ring from 1580.

There's a depth to this 18K yellow gold Renaissance ring as it must have gone to astonishing lengths to make it from the year 1580 to our present time. The identity of the initial owner is fused into four engravings embedded in red enamel in the top of the ring and safely sealed off presumably by a small slice of rock crystal. One coat of arms with the Christogram "IHS" and one with a monogram of a flowering stem both topped by the letters VMK must symbolise a brotherhood of great beliefs. We dare say even of great importance, as the ring is made out of 18K gold which elevates this ring to a higher level of noblesse.

Once, this ring may have been crafted as part of a person's history, but each person it touches here and now actually becomes part of the ring's own chronicle. What an extraordinary experience to be part of something before and beyond yourself.

Rings with a similar amount of allure and heritage are comprehensively described in the book "Rings - Jewelry of Power, Love and Loyalty" by Diana Scarisbrick, published by Thames & Hudson (ISBN 978-0-500-29112-2)


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